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6 Things I did on my Spiritual Journey

by Ba Roje

#1 I spent More Time Alone

Becoming a new person with different interests than friends, topics became abstract– Philosophy and business (Things learned from books).
Learning to meditate on my spiritual journey, slowly I became my own best friend — Having many mentors from  a distance.
Making sacrifices to chase dreams.
Spending time in my room, and yard, Taking long walks, and even finding solstice in natural herbs. Trying different things to find my path, following intuition,  to do whats right for me.

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#2 I read about Spirituality, Philosophy and Business

“Where should I start?”
“Rich Dad Poor Dad,” by Robert Kiyosaki. A book about financial freedom and investment. A documentary about the different economic classes changed my life. I borrowed the book from the library. Hearing that money amplifies you, I used it as a tool. To experience more, I would need more money.

#3 I Started Fasting, to Speed up my Spiritual Journey

I renewed myself by fasting. Feeling renewed with clear skin, and more energy, I skipped lunch and breakfast, drinking at least a gallon of water everyday for 3 day. I did this during my junior year of high school.
Taking my lunch break to pray, read, and still talk to some friends about what I was learning, school became less on my list of priorities.
I leveled up. An empty stomach a clear mind.

#4 I changed my Diet, and Ate Healthy

When the fast was over, I became sensitive. Aware of GMO, I became a vegan for roughly 5 years.
Going to the organic section of local grocery stores, and shopping at farmer’s markets was fun, I could taste the difference!
The new diet helped me cleanse even further.

#5 I Learned Fung Shui

Change became constant. Therefore my surroundings had to change to remain a level of comfort.
People became seasons, coming and going. With seasons came arrangements that matched our vibes., mostly my room and the living room, sometimes the kitchen.
In conversations, I learned to match their energy, talking about what they wanted to.
All for a learning experience. To expand my horizons.
Study people, don’t be afraid to fail.

#6 I Spent More Time In Nature

In nature, one becomes their truest self.
Staring at clouds, touching plants, walking barefoot, and even talking to animals and insects. Anytime I needed a boost, I would go into my backyard, or take a walk in a park. Again, doing this to remain authentic, creative, and in touch with my higher self.
Try gazing at something outside, without diverting your gaze, for 2 minutes.

I hope this helps.

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