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by Ba Roje



Indicator: Ace of cups (Good)
Deep Energy: You’re thinking of a friend whom you have balanced energies with. You are with them often.
Career: You aren’t working nor are you looking. Your business is growing..

Present: You have Joined your friend in trade. Let’s see how this spans out.
Hope: You do not wish for a new emperor or president. The Black-Americans don’t want war, but peace, and power. Momentarily, they have very little money. Soon it will be considered a blessing.

Defend your woman/partner at all cost.Give her plenty.Keep her safe. Use very little black magic.

Outcome: In the end, she/he will be all you ever dreamed of, in the flesh, and more.


Indicator: (None)
Present: You have the world in the palm of your hand and more.
Hope: You don’t want to be so generous or owe anybody any favors.
Outcome: You will have held it down to the end. And have stayed loyal to the crew and your family. As well as kept your sticks.


Indicator: Concerning Heart Break 🙂
Present: There is an Aires in the circle you don’t like. They have no power over you.
Hope: You don’t want to live with all the drama.
Action: Do not try to defend, like Scorpio. Be Yourself.
Outcome: Your life will go back to normal, and you will again be indecisive (As it seems).
Love from Ba – Sam (Your Friend Banji)


Cancer (Cancerius/Cancerians)

You’re not going to church presently.
You wish for your suffering to end.
Check out Cuco on Spotify. He’s a cool guy, and my childhood best bud.
Anyways, who you’re thinking of hasn’t left you just yet.
Be your highest self.


Physical in nature. Lover of food and touch. Here is your reading.
– Present: You’re in a good place
– You don’t want to be in a relationship like scorpio.
– You don’t even wanna leave the house…
– In the end. You will celebrate your success with a toast.

Gemini - A special Request

In the past. Your cup overflowed. Now you are a magician or are working in secrecy. You will blow up like a star.


You are not living the dream.
You want a relationship like Scorpio.
Don’t break anyone’s heart.
You will be thrown out, fired, destroyed, divorced…


Scorpio’s influence has made you to serve the devil sah-taan.
You don’t want to work. 
You need to stop with the projects and move on.
And you too will be rich.


You are in soo much conflict…
You wish to be “oh so generous…”
Serve as scorpio serves.
And it will be far from a fairy tale.

Libra (Special Request Denied)

You have a really shitty job 0_0.
You too want to go out and be extroverted.
And youu too shall have a business.


Your papa is not taking good care of you oo. You need a book on anger management and communication.
You don’t want to steal to get by…
You can’t have everything. Stop hesitating.
You’re gonna get hurt…

Virgo... My bad

You never want to be homeless or have such an adventure.
You wish to do things in moderation.
Stop thinking about money….
And you’ll find a lover.

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