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Social Media Checklist

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The $1.80 Method


Ask yourself if you are comfortable with the amount of engagement you get on social media. Are you getting a genuine connection with your audience? Does what you do, make you want to rcelebrate?


Imagine the feeling of pride you can have when you make creative and unique content. Waking up every day as an influencer, ready to make more content — And money. Yes. You can get paid to be a social media influencer. It’s time to set the trend of making money online.


When I first started making content, I didn’t know who my target audience was. I just made content I enjoyed making. Later on I discovered I didn’t like the feeling of not getting any views, likes, or engagement. I wish now I had someone there to show me how to save time.


I can get you the engagement your looking for in than 7 days using secret algorithm growth hacking methods. We are going to reverse engineer the Instagram algorithm to get your content discovered. Ultimately that’s what everyone wants.


For the next 7 days Use your list of 15 hashtags that you want to be discovered on. Like 7 posts, comment on the same posts, and follow the seven people who posted them (Preferably people who rank high on the “Top Page” of that hashtag). Make sure to choose a good niche (Beauty, Fashion, Health). Get oddly specific. That’s where it’s easiest to find a following.

The Remix Strategy

“It can be hard to come up with content…” Not with these algorithm growth hacking method!!!
STOP trying to come up with original content. Its like trying to reinvent the spoon. It’s way too niche. All you have to do is find content in your niche that ranks high, and remix it. As long as it’s ranking, and in your niche, and you made it better, do it. 

“Steal Like an Artist” – Steve Jobs


Accepting Change
Everything comes with sacrifice and responsibility. 


We’re Doing this Together


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