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by Ba Roje

1. Leasing A Phone.

Chances are if you are reading this you are either an aspiring entrepreneur or one who is actually making that dough. But if you never kept a job for 24 Months, How the hell are you gonna pay for that phone?
You ought to think twice before they take your good name to collections.

2. Buying A New Car.

Yet another scam.
If you can’t pay for it in cash, and you’re not gonna make ANY money buying it, you shouldn’t go and borrow money.
These banks are NOT your friends.

3. Vaccations

If your life is THAT melancholy that you have to spend hundreds, if not thousands, to go do the same shit you can do in your own town, you should do some introspection.

4. Eating Out

Learning how to cook makes you more attractive.

5. Fake Friends

It’ll cost you more than money in the end.

6. Bottled Water

You should have been prepared before hand. Preparing before hand makes life easier. Discipline yourself to bring food and water before leaving your house.

7. A Shitty Job

I know. You just need the funds to run facebook ads. Job hopping has a lot of HIDDEN COSTS.

8. Impressing People You Don't Care About

Self explanatory. If you’re not a rapper, or aspiring rapper, stop trying to keep up with your favorite artists. Be yourself.
You don’t need to dress like a savage to be one.
P.S. There’s an element of surprise in that which is very seductive.

9. Not Investing in Yourself

Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. Was going to be the.


Doing what everyone else is doing.
I heard once that buying your first house is actually really scary.

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