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My take on Racial Inequality…

by Ba Roje

We Create Our Own Problems.

The more attention we give something the bigger it grows. The more we focus on racism, the bigger a problem it becomes.

The second we try to fight a problem, the problem fights back.

The world is beautiful, it is diverse, the only advantage one has over another is the power of their mind. 

So if the problem is war, focus on peace.
If the problem is, inequality, focus on equal opportunity.

Just as the war on drugs only created more drugs, more problems, more death, more arrests, protesting injustice, only creates more injustice.

Drop the sign, and be grateful.

I used to get bullied at work, and at some point I realized it was my fault for coming in with the attitude that I would just be there to sell tickets and make money. On top of that, I thought I was better than nearly everyone else.

“A man becomes what he thinks about” – the Buddha

I hope this helps,
Amen Ra.

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