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Happiness and How it Can Make You a Success.

by Ba Roje

One may be waiting for a benchmark of success for happiness.

Maybe it’s when One moves out, graduates, or even makes it to the front of the line at Chipotle.

Imagine no longer having to wait to be happy, and that same self-sustenance being a catalyst for success.

Time goes by quickly when fun is had.

I wasn’t able to get results as an entrepreneur until I became content.

Continue reading to learn how ‘Happiness… Can Make You a Success.’

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happiness breeds success.

Happiness Rule #1: Happiness Breeds Success.

The unenlightened often think, “I’ll be happy when…”
Happiness that depends, doesn’t last and is much like putting a pan under a leaking ceiling. The ground is no longer wet, but the ceiling will collapse!
Happiness is when you have no food and instead of begging or complaining, you decide to fast for the spiritual, physical and mental benefits.
Happiness breeds success because One see’s more opportunity when One is optimistic, rather than seeing just one or two options.
So Make it your priority.

Happiness Rule #2: Optimism = Options.

It’s hard to see different points of view when One is angry.
No one wins in an argument, and if One is fighting with life, one is sure to lose. So what should one do?
Agree of course!
No one wants to argue with someone when One agrees with them. And the debt collectors have a habit of not calling, when you pay your debts.

Optimism = Opportunity
Half Empty Or Half Full?

Happiness Rule #3: Half Full.

When one stops looking for what is missing — What one doesn’t have, one is able to be content.
Being content is key to being happy.

I hope this helps.

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