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Failure Leads to Success, so Keep Failing

by Ba Roje

Fear of Failure, You Will Not Succeeed.

Fear of failure comes from pride in ego. Some may even think of  fear of failure (defense mechanism) as a strength…
Afraid to take risk, just to avoid the feeling of unhappiness, they play it safe.
Where is the gratification in that? To some “playing it safe,” may even sound like discipline.
Real discipline is when one fails miserably and tries again.
Videos that don’t go viral, but one keeps making them. The shop that get’s no sales, yet one keeps marketing. When no one replies, one keeps knocking.

To be Right, or to Learn.

Everyone likes to be right we are rewarded for it. We are also penalized for failure, so we avoid it at all costs.
When it comes to pursuing one’s goals and aspirations, there will be many failures. But those are lessons.
It’s not about completely avoiding being wrong, one would be paralyzed by fear. It’s about taking action.
“100% of the shots not taken are missed shots.” – Wayne Gretzky.

It's Not a Normal Test.

Chasing dreams isn’t a right or wrong test. It’s a learning process. When one “fails,” truly it’s learning the solution, so long as they don’t give up. The best part is one can try as many times as they like.

I've Failed Many Times.

More often than I’ve succeeded I’ve failed.
Those times I realize I’ve gone too far, which means I’m close.

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I hope this helps.

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exooo March 10, 2020 - 9:38 pm

Failure Leads to Success, Keep on Failing BLOG are just great and very helpful.

I found a video that help me a lot and i share it with you:
See you soon! 🙂 Many Kisses!

Ba Roje April 12, 2020 - 11:28 am

Thanks for sharing.


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