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Dreams Are not to be Forgotten.

by Ba Roje

We All Have Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations.

Dreams Hopes, Aspirations. Victory moment.
Maybe One wants to become healthier, work out a relationship, start a business, or change careers, but there seem to be so many obstacles. Maybe finances get in the way, maybe a bad reputation, or even not getting any support.

One wants that glorious victory moment. Where everything One worked for pays off, preferably overnight.

We all go through what is called a “Developmental Pain Period.”

Continue reading to learn why, “Dreams Are not to be Forgotten.”

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It's Easy to Think About Food When One's Hungry.

But even when there is no food in sight, no One thinks to themselves “Oh no, I’m never going to eat again!”
It is the same way with a Developmental Pain Period. There will be times when One doesn’t see any results. “No view,” “No likes,” “No sales,” “No friends,” everyone goes through it!
So grow through it. Don’t give up on the dream.
This pain is here for development, so don’t settle for mediocrity.
Be patient, and I promise, the time will come.

I hope this helps.

The developmental pain period

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