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Does Time REALLY Heal all Wounds?

by Ba Roje
The Sword Disappears in the Water

"The Sword Disappears in the Water"

I once owned I Ti-Nspire graphing calculator that featured a swappable keyboard. The Ti-84 board, was better suited for mathematics lectures, and the “Nspire” board, for tests (secretly). It gave me more time to live my life considering I had a 2003 Acura TL with a 3.2 Liter engine in my 10th year of high-school. One day, I left it unattended. I blamed my friend for not watching over my things, and even accused one of his friends of taking it in class, demanding he pay me for a new one, fearing I may fail math. We became hostile towards each other. Someone stealing my calculator really changed my life during my senior year, as my worst fears came true. 
The treasure actually lies in losing that calculator…

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