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Are You Seriously Waiting to be Happy?

by Ba Roje

Are you waiting for a particular point in time to start enjoying life?

Is there a particular benchmark you’re waiting to reach just to be happy? 

Will it be when you get a certain amount of likes, make a certain amount of money, or meet a particular person. 

STOP WAITING. At some point you will realize that you spent a majority of your life waiting to be happy and that is why for so long you were unhappy!

Our whole lives we’ve been taught to wait until it’s convenient for someone else, for ourselves to be happy. For ourselves to enjoy our lives. For ourselves to seek pleasure. And if they’re unhappy, we must also be unhappy.

When we wait our turn, we are being happy on someone else’s watch. We are dependent on something or someone else to be happy.

This mentality comes from school, work, and sometimes even spiritual organizations.

This is so that they can remain content. They grew up with the belief, that for someone to enjoy life, someone else has to sacrifice their enjoyment.

So what’s stopping you? 

Can’t you be happy without the car, house, or spouse. Not to say you can’t have those things, but can’t you be happy before you have them?

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