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About, Ba Roje

by Ba Roje

An artist who simplifies spiritual teachings and philosophies into easy to understand analogies. I, Ba Roje, am your guru, "Other-worldly," and "mysterious." Like you, I, was born on Earth and share respect for all creations.

About Ba Roje

Creative content about karma (right and wrong action),

and how it increases/decreases the pleasures and pains of life. Pain teaches One patience, timing, and the need to prepare for the worst. Pleasure keeps us going. One cannot live only a life of pleasure or pain.

Enlightenment is achieved when One becomes aware of their own ignorance.

One must know that they do not know, to know. Enlightenment must be worked towards, it does not come to anyone naturally. That is my role here on Earth, to make it easier for you.

My journey started when I chose a less traditional way of thinking.

I chose to pursue happiness. And still, I am wealthy. But I will also show you how much money YOU actually need to be happy here on Earth. Money is not evil, it is a tool for your own enhancement.

Dramatic change requires dramatic action.

Alone, I dropped all foreign ways of thinking that didn’t suite me, and found my purpose.

I will show you how to find yours.

I can tell you what has helped me. Hoping it helps you help others.

ba roje

Amen Ra,
Ba Roje

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