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Warren Buffet | 6 Qualities All Bad Entrepreneurs Have Today | Groovy Guru

by Ba Roje

Avoid Being Mediocre

90% of entrepreneurs give up within the first year. It’s because the majority set unreal expectations for themselves. Some hear that Steve Jobs, dropped out of Reed College, and think it to be easy. Maybe they have too many “Get Rich Quick,” advertisements — The internet makes entrepreneurship cool. Short attention spans skip the 7 years of failures most successful entrepreneurs endure. 
Here are the 6 Qualities of Bad Entrepreneurs Today.

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#1 Don't Set Goals

That’s right. If you want the be like the majority of mediocre entrepreneurs, don’t set any goals, not for yourself, not for your business. In fact, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to start a business in the first place other than to make an obscure amount of money that you wouldn’t even know what to do with.

#2 Show No Commitment

Don’t bother taking any action. Just talk about ideas, particularly with people who don’t want to hear them. Be known as the person who never actually starts anything. And if you do, just try it for a short period of time, because staying committed involves a big risk, and talking about it is so much easier.

#3 Watch A lot of TV

Who needs to read, attend seminars, webinars, listen to audio-books and podcasts, when you can just watch television?

#4 Go Clubbing Every Weekend

What’s the point in investing in yourself and your business? In fact, do the exact opposite and spend your paycheck on a night you can’t remember to forget how great of an entrepreneur you wanted to be.

#5 Buy New Clothes Every Week

Forget about being a success, just fake it til you make it. No need to be frugal and patient until you’re actually as successful as you want to be.

#6 Don't Invest or Save Your Money

Why would any entrepreneur in their right mind have their money make money for them? Just spend it all and live paycheck to paycheck like the rest of the day dreamers.

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