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Ba Roje – 3 Ways to be happier Every Morning | Groovy Guru

by Ba Roje

Paying for happiness or getting it from people who cause you to feel happy is efficient, not effective.
Happiness is a primary goal in life for most.
Stop paying for happiness and smile no matter your condition.
There are 3 keys that I want you to have, FREE of charge. I’ve used them and they changed my life.
I went from being conditional to interdependent.
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Write Down 9 Things You're Happy to Have

Write down 9 things you are grateful for every morning.
You can type it into your phone, but you’ll feel more attached to things you write by hand.
By being optimistic about  your life, you’ll look past all of the things you don’t have.
Problems become smaller.

Try "The 6 Whys"

If you are unhappy about a problem in life that needs solving, ask why 6 times.
1. Why are you unhappy about your car?
It needs a new transmission.
2. Why does it need a new transmission?
I didn’t take care of it.
3. Why didn’t you take care of it?
I wasn’t thinking responsibly.
4. Why weren’t you thinking responsibly?
I was inexperienced.
5. Why were you inexperienced?
It was my first car.
6. Why was it your first car?
Because I’m young.

You can go to 7, 8, or 9 if you like

Free Trapped Energy to Become Happier

Everything flows from the heart, around the body, and to the brain.
Free up trapped energy by stretching the body for 9 minutes.

The End of Unhappy

I hope this helps.

Amen Ra,
Ba Roje

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