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3 Secret Qualities Women Value in Men

by Ba Roje
3 Secret Qualities Women Value

While there is no accounting for taste (not her type), there are at least 3 general qualities women value in a man.
In fact, you probably won’t find this information anywhere else for free, so leave a comment down below.
I’d say a good 20% of dating coaches actually know what they’re talking about, so be careful who you take advice from.
I’m sharing these with you because they work (and I’m a altruistic man).
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Having Your Shit Together.

Having an unstable situation and trying to build a relationship is actually quite mental.
How are you supposed to provide, take care of, and be there for someone else, when you can’t take care of yourself. 
I’m not saying, you personally, and if you’re reading this and you have your shit together, pat yourself on the back.

Yet there are many desperate men who bring nothing to the table but abstract philosophies, and time.

It’s theoretically like watching a grown man attempt to build a house with a glue stick and a lot of 2×4’s.

Work on yourself, get stable, invest in yourself, then and only then, if hypergamy is your thing, can you possibly help someone else.

If you’re not quite right in the head, and everyone around you complains of the same thing, you might need  to see a doctor, especially if you have bouts of destructive anger over petty things.

Learn how to sell and present ideas, how to negotiate, how to manage relationships, because I guarantee that guy is  in her DMs and wants to take her to Paris.

A Sense of Humor.

Nothing worse than a guy who can’t crack a good joke, even to his own depreciation.
A serious attitude makes one come off as a douche. Even if you do have your shit together, there’s just no opening up to someone like that, no matter how much money you have. It can even come off as a threat, and she’ll be too scared to piss you off to actually talk to you.

Being A Good Guy, Not a Nice Guy

Values get corrupted by the “Group Effect.
Everyone else believes in an ideal standard, or philosophy, so it becomes the culture (the many complex mannerisms of Japan and the Increasing population of the Elderly and declining birthrate), and if being “nice,” is the standard you learned from your teachers, unlearn that shit right now, or prepare for the mediocre life of the beta-male.

Nice guys value other people’s opinions above their own, and when they’ve had enough, they blow up in a fit of passive aggressive rage, which throws everyone in shock.

Nice guys don’t actually know what’s right because they are people-pleasers, and when they’ve reached their limit, they aren’t so nice, and actually become abusive. 

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I hope this helps,
Amen Ra.

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