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15 Things I Wish I Never Believed In.

by Ba Roje
15 things i wish i didn't believe in

The world is full of common phrases that mislead people into mediocrity. While some sayings and ideologies are true, the path to success is different for everyone. Some people find happiness in binge eating ice-cream, while others are allergic to milk. Some people find happiness in long walks on the beach, while others are allergic to sunlight and burn easy.

I don’t believe in universal truths.
The living mind is source of all creation. With our thoughts, we create our realities.

The human brain processes over 60,000 thoughts a day, so it’s best to think differently about what you actually want in your life.

I took personal responsibility for my life, and the minute I started doing that, I became happier.

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1. School, Work, Family.

For some people this is a good life, or, in the commercials at least. While they take the traditional route, people like you and I would become easily bored by such a mundanity. 
Traditional education (not very useful) makes it seem as though, being a slave is something to strive for.
Tuition is only going up, and education, as life, does not end after school.

2. "Everything Happens for A Reason."

When I heard this, I looked for deep reason in every event in my life. It was a waste of time. In the grand scheme of things, everything happens because we want it to.

3. Destiny.

I used to look to elders, wondering what I should do with my life.
The truth is, not everyone has the same advantages, so our options of what we become are limited.
It’s REALLY hard to move out of an economic class.
Ultimately, we pick our own missions. There is no great book in the sky that says we’re going to be software developers.
If one starts looking for someone else to tell them what to become and what to do, they may find themselves unhappy.

I used to believe the saying “Your mother knows you better than anyone else on the planet,” when the truth is, no one knows you better than yourself.


4. Best Friends Forever.

I know, you’ve been through everything together. But once you start your journey (deciding what you want to be in life), you may find your friends have predispositions and alternate interests. Meaning, you grow apart as you have less in common. 
While you can be friends for the rest of your lives, don’t be mad if they’ve changed.

5. "...Waiting for the One"

I think my first goal in life was to be married. 
Just like we don’t have a destiny that someone chose for us,
we don’t have a predetermined life partner that we’re destined to be with. 
If you look back at your past, you may find that at one time or another, every time you’ve fallen in love, they seem to be the one.
Love doesn’t come to you, It’s something you make happen, and to keep a relationship going, you have to put in the work of re-seducing your lover.

6. "Money is the Root of All Evil."

The full saying is, “Money, or the lack there of, is the root of all evil.”
Most if not all problems can be solved with the right amount of money.

7. Independence.

It’s lonely, it’s boring, it’s unfulfilling. No man is an island. It’s better to be interdependent

8. Holidays.

Why are we doing this again?

9. Reading is Nerdy.

That sounds like something only a sadistic idiot would say.

10. "Behind Every Strong Man, Is a Strong Woman."

This one might be true. After all, nothing great is accomplished alone. 
Give credit where credit is due.

11. Watching Porn is Normal.

You’re better off reading, “The Tao of Sexology,” “The Kama Sutra,” and using your imagination when you “choke the chicken.” 😉

12. Anger.

You tend to lose more than you gain when you get angry. Yes, anger is an emotion that arises as a defense mechanism to  protect our egos, but it’s not okay. Learn to control anger instead of letting anger control you.

13. Trying to Teach Pigs to Fly.

It’s like feeding your pearls to pigs. A waste of time, it makes the pig angry, and makes you angry.
Sew your seeds in the good soil.

14. Virtue in Poverty.

I used to think homeless people were really wise, but if they were, they probably wouldn’t be homeless.

15. Ignorance is Bliss.

It’s like when an adult looks at you and tells you how young you are, and how much growing you have to do, when in truth, their only reminded of their past childhood when they look at you.

Enlightenment is bliss.

If you knew how to solve all the problems in your life, you’d be a lot happier.

Like when I wrote this, I had overtype on.
Some people don’t know how to turn that off, I assure you that’s everything but bliss.

BONUS #16 Selfishness is A Vice

If you try to please everyone you’ll please no one, including yourself.

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