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15 Signs You’re A Beta-Male

by Ba Roje

This article may be upsetting (No one wants to be a simp). 

But to get what one want in this life, you must be present in reality, and make the necessary change to get an advantage.

So what is a “Beta-Male?”

The beta-male is nothing special. They are mediocre, and afraid to take risks.
They avoid confrontation, lack charisma, confidence, and lack success associated with winners in life.

Doesn’t sound like you? Let’s put that to the test 😉

1. You don't Feel Like Your Life is Getting Better

If you don’t find yourself tap-dancing out of bed every morning and aren’t excited to start your day, chances are you aren’t leading a life to be envied. If you want that feeling, I’d suggest you set small, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive goals before bed. 

2. You Never Faced Your Bullies

Everyone deals with it, and if you don’t establish boundaries in life, no one will respect your space. Standing up to your bullies is your responsibility, and will leave you feeling confident. Eventually it stops happening.

3. You Rely on Others to Make Decisions for You

Alpha’s don’t like the indecisive.
Ever walked into Starbucks and said, “Oh any coffee will do,” or a gas station and said “I’ll take any rillo,”? 
Making your own decisions is a sign that you are sure of yourself. Leaders know what they want with specificity, and don’t rely on others to make decisions for them, like a child.

4. You are Physically Weak

Is that box really THAT heavy?
Can’t you move that on your own?
Good health has always been the sign of charismatic leaders.

5. You are in the Friend Zone

Expecting someone to sleep with you because you’re “nice,”?
You’re really a proper asshole. Be nice to people regardless.
No one owes you anything and you should have stated your intentions clear from the jump. There is no way out of the friend zone so move forward with your life.

6. You can't Say No and Stand your Ground

This means you value other people feelings, opinions and aims, above your own. Being a leader actually requires you say no, when it’s something that goes against your values and personal interests.
Simps and Beta’s tend to have martyr syndrome, constantly sacrificing their needs, because it’s “nice.”

7. Your Friends Make Fun of You

What’s it like being the background guy? 
You know, like the default desktop wallpaper (It’s okay if it wasn’t there, but it makes things look nicer).

8. Your Existence is Centered Around Past Times

Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. That doesn’t mean he just faded into the background and enjoyed his millions of dollars, if not billions; he started another company, and another, and another.

If all you do when you’re not working is watch TV, play video games, and scroll through memes on Instagram, something needs to change.

9. You Make Excuses

“As a man thinks, so he is.”
Leaders take full responsibility for why they are where they are  and don’t blame anyone else.

10. You have no Sense of Style

Simps have really big ego’s and low self esteem.
Alpha’s KNOW that an impression is formed in the first eight seconds of an encounter.
Alpha’s posses a flexible wardrobe for all occasions.
With clothes being cheaper now than ever, you should respect yourself enough to care how people perceive you.

11. You Don't Look People in the Eye and You're Nervous when Talking to Them

Stop holding back and be an asshole if you need to (Not caring about hurting the listener’s feelings). People-pleasing is a thing of the past. If what’s coming out of your mouth is too much for them to handle, that’s their problem not yours.

12. You don't Get Laid

Stop waiting for the “one,” or the “right time.” There is no “one.” They don’t show up on your doorstep, or by chance encounter. Getting laid happens when you’re attractive, charismatic, state your intentions, and know the game.

13. You Have a Big Ego but can't Control it

Think you’re the best at everything? Then put your money where your mouth is and show it with your actions, not words.

Alpha’s are in control of their emotions.

14. You're a Follower not a Leader

We need these people in the world. We need beta’s just as much as we need alphas, or no one would have an audience.

15. You feel Offended by this Article

I’m just a guy.
Also, under the right conditions, an alpha-male can become a beta-male. 
Find balance in developing your character.

I hope this helps,
Amen Ra.

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